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Below is a miscellaneous collection of photographs from the early life of the tower.

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Site Preparation.

Pile cap excavation

The soil is excavated from around the tops of the piles in preparation for the pile cap.

Pile cap reinforcement

The shuttering and steel reinforcement is in postion ready for concreting of the pile cap

Pile cap reinforcement

Looking over the pile cap to green fields, where the houses of Church Langley now stand. The square concrete plinth in mid picture is the base for the tower crane.

Ready for the concrete

Concreting the pile cap.

Concrete was delivered ready mixed by truck and pumped into position. A very cold day

Concrete is placed by pumping

Vibration and tamping of the concrete into position.

The shaft is complete

The scaffolding starts to follow the shaft skywards.

Tank floor level.

Preparing to cast the floor of the tank.

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