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Church Langley Water Tower


Church Langley Water Tower is a conspicuous landmark perched high above and on the west side of the M11 motorway. It is situated just north of junction 7 near Harlow, where thousands of motorists pass it each day. It is visible from many parts of Harlow and the surrounding countryside. Grid Ref TL486098

The tower stores water for businesses and homes in the Church Langley suburb of Harlow. It is also a popular location for sponsored abseiling, where innocent folk walk off the top of the tower trusting their life to a rope or two.

Go here to see views from the top of the tower.

It was built in 1993 and 1994 for the then new development of Church Langley, Harlow. Funded by the consortium of developers, it is now owned and operated by Affinity Water, the local water supply company. Previous names before Affinity Water have included Veolia Water until 2012, Three Valleys Water until 2009 and before that Lee Valley Water. The list goes on, do you know what comes next?

I was personally involved in the construction and commissioning of the tower and possess many photographs (and memories) of its construction, and I have developed this site to share them with you.

If you were involved with or worked on the water tower and have any information or photographs to share, please contact me on here.

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